Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tooth Monster Pillows

Pinterest can be an awesome resource for ideas. I've got a craft fair scheduled for Oct. 6, and even though I think I have some great items, I wanted additional things that are more crafty. I have my purses, knitwear, crochet items and greeting cards, but sometimes you need little inexpensive items.

When I saw a pin that showed Tooth Monster Pillows, I thought it would be perfect to whip some up and put in a little plastic basket. I followed the pattern a bit, but tweeked it some to personalize them. I have a HUGE stash of craft buttons and wanted to incorporate some for the eyes. The mouth part is perfect for placing the lost tooth, only for the child to wake up and find their dollar (or whatever amount your Tooth Fairy leaves).

If you're feeling crafty, why don't you try these cute pillows? All you need is some felt, buttons, needle and thread (these are entirely hand-sewn). I could have taken the easy way out and used the sewing machine, but I think making them completely by hand gives them a certain charm.

Thanks for spending some time with me.


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