Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Idle hands...

My work space is my dining room table. I have a small house with no dedicated space to my sewing and crafts. I had to clean this past weekend for company (which is really the ONLY time I get cleaning done :) and have been DYING to get my projects back out! I'm going CRAZY not having my hands working on something!

Speaking of death... our water heater died last night. I bought my house in 2007 after my divorce. Being a single mom of 2, I couldn't afford the nice new house I had with my ex-husband and had to buy an older home. I kid you not when I tell you just about everything needs to be updated.

So last night when I was doing a load of laundry, I heard the sound of water that frightened me. I thought my washing machine was acting up and spilling water on the floor. I rush to the laundry room and see water on the floor and try to find where it's coming from. I'm bare-footed (cause who really wears shoes in the house?) and step into SCALDING HOT WATER!!!

The emergency valve activated on the water heater because too much pressure had built up and was releasing all the water from the tank. I'm doing a dance trying to turn the cut-off knob while trying NOT to burn the bottoms of my feet.

When the plumber came today we got 3 price options: cheap, not so cheap, and BREAK OUT THE CREDIT CARD HONEY. Husband # 2 and I decided to just go ahead and replace the water heater so we have a new warranty (the first 2 options had no warranty).

That's officially one thing off a huge list of items to accomplish to get this house updated. I fell in love with the charm, but man oh man... I hate being a homeowner sometimes :)

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