Friday, May 14, 2010

Vintage Kitchen Canisters

I have had a total bug up my rear about re-doing my kitchen. I purchased my house 3 years ago and I've only gotten around to fixing the bathrooms and the dining rooms how I'd like them. The original owner of my 1970's house LOVED ugly wallpaper. My next room I want to tackle is the kitchen.

Did I mention about the ugly wallpaper? The paper in the kitchen is a fruit medley pattern on a white background. Some people like it, but I can't stand it! I decided I would go for a retro feel and start researching kitchen gadgets and doo-dads to make my kitchen something I love. I started on ebay looking at canisters, which then got me to thinking "How would I know if it's vintage/retro or a reproduction? I have found to look for maker names like Lustro Ware and Kromex to be able to spot vintage kitchen wares.

Examples of Vintage Kitchen Canisters

If you can't tell... my favorite color is green!

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