Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mission Organization: Master Bathroom Drawers

Raise your hands if you sometimes feel your house is too cluttered...

I'm EXACTLY like that. Since I work full-time outside the home, many things get out of hand in my house. Cleaning, clutter and laundry are the major ones. I also don't have a handy, fix-it kind of husband, so a lot of that burden is on me. Don't get me wrong- I totally don't mind. I've always been creative and fixed things when they're broken.

So after about 3 years of mindlessly "throwing" things into the bathroom drawers, they've become another junk drawer. In my book junk drawers are allocated to ONE, and they're in the kitchen HAHA!

So I spent about 10 minutes clearing our the drawers, grouping items and then put my little plastic containers purchased at Deals to use.

Here is what the drawers looked like before:

See how I'm using an old hairspray cap to hold my earrings? Tsk tsk

This is technically my husband's side, but ladies you know how our stuff just migrates and conquers :-)

Now the after, organized, stress relieving transformation:

A small basket up front holds the jewelry I wear and rotate on a daily basis. The larger baskets keeps my comb, brushes and toothpaste in order.

Another small basket corals my nail polish and the longer basket houses the travel toothbrush holders and my husband's odds and end razors.

And this took all of about 10 minutes! I was more or less throwing away garbage and empty boxes and wrappers. In only minutes a day we can be more organized :-)

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