Thursday, May 19, 2011

Silhouette Promo! Save 25%

When a husband asks his wife "What would you like for our anniversary?", some might immediately think jewelry. For me, why not? Our family is in the pawn business, so it's not like I can't have some jewelry if I ask for it...

And maybe THAT'S why I didn't ask for any. Want to know what I DID ask for?

A Silhouette machine LOL

That's what I wanted :-)

It came last Friday and I've been playing with it ever since. I had two $10 download cards and have been making a wish list, which of course far exceeds the amount of the cards HAHA! But on to this promo...

If you aren't subscribed to the blog Crap I've Made, then you should be. She posts awesome craft ideas AND Silhouette sponsors her blog- so you can catch promo codes ALL the time!

Right now there's a 25% off promo for a machine bundle OR for those who already have the machine, savings on heat transfer. Just use the promo code "CRAP"- don't you just LOVE that?!?

So if you DO take advantage of this promo code, please stop by and show her some love for the awesome savings! I just ordered some heat transfer and will be patiently (or maybe not) waiting by the door.


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