Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's Day Water Bottles

Today I've got a quick, inexpensive, but not necessarily easy Father's Day gift idea. I say it's not easy because I had an impatient 10 year old boy trying to help with me it. If I had done this before I'd already know if how we did it was an easy or hard way. Oh well.


I bought a couple of steel colored aluminum water bottles from Deals for $1 each. I then purchased and downloaded the Silhouette file number_1_dad_C00626_18816 by Loni Harris.

I asked my son Trevor to pick out 2 vinyl colors. We were decorating a bottle for his Dad (my ex-husband) and his Step-Dad. Trevor picked out navy and green for his Dad, and navy and white for Greg. Since Greg is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan he thought that color scheme was appropriate!

So we cut out the colors and did our best to line everything up on top of each other on a cylinder shape. It was NOT easy LOL but we do like how they each turned out.


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  1. These are a great idea! I love the coordinating sports team colors.

  2. Great idea- found you blog hopping. Hope you stop by and see me



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