Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Quintessential Bachelor Pad for the Modern Man {Part 2}

The Kitchen

A man’s kitchen is where he can show off his domestic side. He should be able to accommodate meals for himself or a social gathering of any number of guests with ease. In order to assure this, he would need the following:

The latest in appliances: This is very important in order to produce the quality of food that is expected of him.

The stove:
Fridigaire is the leader in the industry with it’s sleek lines and convenience.

Your cabinetry should be as streamlined as your life. Metal or wood would work very well for the bachelor of today. Just remember to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions for the products that are used for cabinets.

Countertops, flooring, and wall colors of the latest products make for easy cleanup. Laminate is very popular and now comes in a variety of colors to suit each man’s personality.

When paired with furnishings and appliances, you will have a showplace!

Coming next week: Part 3: The Bathroom.


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  1. Weighing up kitchen countertops ideas before you select one for your home is really a must if you desire to have the best.

  2. For people who usually cook at home, the kitchen countertops can be a very busy place. This is double true if the people who occupy the house is actually into eating and cooking their food.



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