Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chunky Crochet Pillow

Hey there! I've got another yarn project to share with you today. Are you getting tired of yarn yet? LOL

In an effort to go through my endless stash of supplies, I whipped up this cute 12x12 pillow using very simple stitches.


I used a discontinued yarn called "Volata Tweed" manufactured by Gedifra. It's a heavy worsted weight yarn that's 100% new wool. It has dots of contrasting colors to give a "tweed" effect. Using a size N crochet hook, I worked with 2 strands held together.


I chained a base of 29 stitches, and alternated single stitches and half treble stitches (carried down to the lower row). I really wish I knew how to describe my stitches!


When I had the front and back completed, I held them together and crocheted a single stitch around to join both pieces. After 3 sides I slipped the pillow form inside and crocheted the pillow closed.

This was such an easy project to complete! Since I held 2 strands together, I used about 5 balls of yarn. Not bad since I only paid $2.50 a piece for them at a local Peddlars Mall :-)

This item is for sale here

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  1. This is beautiful! I'm jealous of your crochet skills. I will get there.

  2. You go girl, I LOVE to crochet and that stitch really looks awesome!

  3. You wish you could describe your stitches? I wish I could understand them... crochet'ing(sp?) is something I have never tried (and which may scare me a tad). This pillow turned out awesome!!

    I randomly found you while blogsurfing -- and 'oh so glad' I did! I look forward to "following" you!!



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