Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yarn Bombed Glass Lamp

Have you seen the yarn bombing craze? This just absolutely AMAZES me- it's so unique and beautiful! It's also called yarn grafitti and guerilla knitting LOL.

First of all, check out the website Yarn Bombing. They have posted some of the coolest and wackiest pictures of this urban trend.

So with this in mind, I decided to "bomb" an old glass lamp I've had on hand:


See. It's just a plain, old, SIMPLE glass lamp that tapers a bit to the bottom. This would be excellent for yarn. It is suggested that you make the cover SMALLER than what you're covering.


I used some of my left over Lion Brand Wool-Ease thick & quick (moss). Since it's a thick yarn, I used a simple rib stitch (row 1: k2, p2, etc; row 2: p2, k2, etc.). I started with 31 stitches, which when flat, was only about half the size of the width of the lamp.


I decreased the stitches around the neck of the lamp. I pulled it snug over the lamp so the glass would show through and used a piece of the yarn to tie around the base. Now I just need to find a new shade for it and decide where to put it!

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  1. That's amazing! I'd never heard of this. My favorite is the tank. :)



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