Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Computer Down!!!!!

My computer crashed over the weekend. And I mean REALLY crashed. My husband took it to Geek Squad today for an analysis. MAJOR Trojan viruses running amuck! I had prepared a bunch of projects I wanted to share over the weekend, but no....... the computer said NO! lol

Anyhoo, Geek Squad is retrieving all of my files to back up onto a disk. Then to save money I'm going to try and restore the computer on my own. Luckily we've had my husband's computer on hand so that's been a back up. But it doesn't have ANY of the programs I use on a daily basis *sniff*. I'm got to go through everything and reinstall what I need. But even hubs computer needs to be overhauled with increased memory. Wheew :)

So hopefully soon, once I have all of my programs reinstalled, I'll be able to share some more ideas created by those who inspire me.

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