Friday, March 19, 2010

Off to Joann's Or Bust!

I seem to have ZERO luck nowadays! With the sun coming out more, and my body getting a supply of vitamin D, my husband wanted to get out of the house last night. Our children were with our exes, and since I had some extra pocket money, I suggested Joann Fabrics. Within the last year Joann came back to Louisville and the store is AMAZING! I love the fabric selection for clothes and I'm in desperate need of pants. I don't have that many and quickly wear them out LOL. Joann's was also having a pattern sale- BONUS! McCalls were 1.99 each and Vogues were 3.99. I'm going to wait on my Vogue patterns because Hancocks is having the same sale later this month...

With my husband in tow, I search McCalls and find #5889 for just pants:

I'm going to make the top-middle view (longest black pants). I love how they taper to the ankle, because since I'm only 5'6" and thick, wide-legged pants do not flatter my body type. I found a nice gray lightweight suiting. And another bonus is the elastic waist. Ever since I started sewing back in the day I've always been more comfortable in elastic- I HATE fitted pants. It's not that I can't tailor them... I just hate being constricted in my clothes.

So now to the "bust" part... On the way home my husband's car starts knocking really loud. I mean LOUD. It had been acting up and we knew it was going to have to go to the repair shop, we just didn't know it would be last night. We leave Joann's and ALMOST make it to the repair shop. So we called AAA, got a tow and borrowed a car from his parents until we get his back. MY NIGHT OF SEWING WAS SHOT! These pants should only take an hour to make and I wanted to make new pants last night LOL. I will be making them this weekend darnit!

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