Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scanner FAIL!

Why oh WHY does my equipment always fail when I need it to work? I've got the house clear of kids and the husband so I break out all my sewing gear to work. I decided on a New Look pattern # 6407. I googled a picture since the scanner doesn't want to work:

It's a cute little button-down blouse with collar and sleeve options. I'm doing the short-sleeved yellow version in this WILD chartreuse green brushed cotton with a thin line of black and white to create a plaid. I'm going to make the mandanrin collar in a solid black to give it some interest. There's enough of this plaid left over I may incorporate it into a bowling shirt for Greg.

Later today I may try and rag curl my hair. I can't afford to get a perm but the longer my hair grows out I can't do anything with it.

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