Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thrift Store Finds - Mar. 27, 2010

Along with my friends Brian and Amber, we spent about 3 hours going to various thrift stores here in Louisville. It had been FOREVER and a day since I'd done that. My main focus was looking for all things vintage (mostly accessories). I've decided that plus-sized people (myself included) generally don't give up their clothes because it's SOOOOO hard to find something great that fits in the first place LOL.

My first find was this black patent handbag, manufactured by Stylemark (Mutterperl). You can barely see the mark on the inside of the bag, but it was good enough for me to make it out.

Then I found these really cute hats. Who knows if they're truly vintage or not! I loved the shape of them. I have to do more research on the navy blue one though... I cannot make out the language on the inside of the hat so I'd like to eventually find out the country of origin.

At a second thrift store I found this purse:

It's not vintage but I think the pearl and gold accent on the flap gives it a different era type of feeling. I also found cream shoes and a navy and white polka dot neck scarf. Greg was happy too because I found him a bowling shirt that he loved.

I'm washing up some fabric now to make a Vogue jacket. It's not vintage or retro, but I'm needing a light-weight jacket for this in-between weather. I also got some fabric to make my first tee-shirt bag. Pictures will follow for that. Greg thinks I'm nuts, but that's nothing new...

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