Friday, March 26, 2010

Where has the month gone?

I can't believe it's almost the end of March! With the warmer weather getting closer, the bug has bitten me to be UBER creative with my crafts and sewing. I've finished my 1 hour pants (in 3 hours... I have children) and LOVE how they turned out. I'm going to try and get Greg to take a picture of me wearing them so I can post.

Tonight I'm going to visit my friend Brian, who I can thank (or blame) for my sudden urge to sew again. He's gotten into the "rockabilly" look and can't afford the shirts at Daddy O's, so he purchased a Kwik Sew pattern to make his own "bowling" style shirts. He hadn't sewn in a while and asked LOTS of questions of me. I unfortunately wasn't paying total attention and he wound up sewing a sleeve in backwards. In his own defense I DID tell him it was in there right. Since having children I've developed this ability to only half-way hear what someone is saying LOL.

(I'm going to see if Brian wants to venture to Hancocks or Joanns tonight and do some look-sees).

I ordered a few patterns from Etsy to make some purses. One is a pattern to make your own t-shirt style shopping bag (like the ones at groceries). They're reversible and I thought it'd be a great way to reduce the amount of plastic I bring home each week from the grocery. If I made enough of them, I'd never have to worry about bags breaking and my groceries all over the parking lot. AND these handmade bags would be washable! With such cute cotton fabrics out there I'd be the talk of the town!

Also, check out these new Vintage Vogue patterns that just came out! I'm so excited to add them to my "list":



I also like this dress from McCall's. The short version is too short for me, and of course the long version is too long. I may have to do a length modification on this one:


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