Friday, April 30, 2010

Ready for Kentucky Derby 2010

It's finally here! Kentucky Derby 2010! Where else but Louisville, KY can a 2 minute for horse get turned into 2 weeks of all out fun!

Thunder over Louisville kicked off our 2 week celebration on April 17. I personally do not go downtown for this because it's WAY too many people for me to be around. There's a huge air show and at night so many fireworks to put ANY Fourth of July celebration to shame. I watch the fireworks on TV and it's still pretty amazing.

There's also the Great Balloon Race; The Steamboat Race (pitting our Belle of Louisville against the Belle of Cincinnati); The Chow Wagon downtown that has food, vendors and bands; a marathon and mini-marathon; The Great Bed Races (where different companies design beds and groups of people race them on a track); Ramble for the Roses; Run for the Rose' (waiters and waitresses showing off their skills); The Pegasus Parade and sooooo many more things to do!

Today is Oaks Day which is big for the ladies to get out to the track in their pink ensembles and GORGEOUS hats! Louisville has a multitude of celebrity parties going on too! I am still amazing how this event has grown so much it's the place to be the first Saturday in May!

I personally have been to one Derby in the infield. The infield is chaotic to say the least. It's where all the party people go. You're in the sun, it's hot and by the end of the day you're whooped. I think if I ever go again, I want to be one of the ladies rocking a dress and hat, sipping my mint juleps.

There was a time in the 1990's when my very own Mom was part of the Pegasus Parade. She worked for Louisville, Gas and Electric, and they were one of the many companies who entered a float in the parade. Every year she was the primary costume maker, and many years I would help her sew and sew and sew. They had a winning streak that eventually led to other companies wanting to bow out of the competition. Eventually LG&E just entered a float and opted to be exempt from judging.

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