Sunday, May 23, 2010

Awesome Day of Thrifting!

I had been DYING for a day of thrifting! There are particular stores here in Louisville that my friend Brian and I like to go to: Unique Thrift, which has 2 locations. We went downtown first. After looking around, I only found 3 bowling/Hawaian style shirts for Greg, spending $20.00. Next Brian and I hit the Uniques located centrally in the city. I hit a motherload of fabric!!!

Starting on the right, I got a remnant piece of short-pile faux fur ($2.95), which I thought would be great to fashion into a purse. Secondly is a pretty lawn (I think) fabric that has blue flowers. It was a 6-yard piece for... $1.95 total! I'm thinking something dreamy with a full skirt. Thirdly is an acetate black and white polka dot; 5-1/2 yards for ... $2.95 total! How lucky am I? Lastly is a piece of fabric that I'm not sure WHAT it is. It feels a bit like linen, or denim and has a stretch to it. This dark gray lovely is 8-1/2 yards for $4.99 total! I felt like the queen of shopping, let me tell you. Here's a close-up of the blue flower print fabric:

Brian also spied a fabulous find in the appliance section. We found a 1950's Westinghouse Roaster with a stand for $19.95. OMG! He was soooo excited that he had to Google it when he got home and found TONS of accessories that are available for it. Hopefully he'll be inviting me over for the roast that he hopes to make in it :)

After those fabulous finds, I talked Brian into going to a Peddlers Mall, located in an old shopping center. I pass by it everyday and have been wanting to go in there. We were in a mecca for all things old and fabulous. We had such a fun walk down memory lane for all the toys and doo-dads that we remember from growing up. We didn't even get half-way through it because we got a brain overload of all the goodies. We plan to go back again as soon as possible. I did find 2 pretty blue dishes:

I snagged this for $8.00 and

and this for $1.50

The Peddlers Mall was nice because you found what you wanted and took it to a central location to pay for it. The vendors have all their wares marked. Downsize was without the vendor there, you couldn't haggle over a price to get a better deal (something my husband is very good at).

Thanks for stopping by today :)

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