Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thrifting In a Short Amount of Time?

Is that even possible?

So... I have to pick my husband up from work tonight. UGH! I hate driving downtown in rush hour traffic. He had surgery on his foot last week to remove a calcium deposit and repair his achilles tendon. So now for the next 5 weeks he has to be on crutches, can't drive and can't put any weight on his foot (thank goodness he works for his family's business).

When I pondered waiting around at the store for it to close, he said "Why don't you stop at that Peddler's Mall you liked so much last Saturday?" HUH? First of all, I'd get so caught up looking at stuff that I'd forget all about picking him up from work. Secondly, having only about 30 minutes isn't enough time, and lastly, funds are low right now to get anything. So why torture myself?

I may stop in the little American Council for the Blind thrift shop and look around though. One thing I hate about their setup is, they have all the clothes by color on the racks. I prefer them by size (since I'm full-figured) so I'm not wasting my time. They did have 2 end tables and a coffee table on sale for $40.00/set. I decided that I'm downsizing furniture and in the process, retro-ing my house up. Greg has no choice!

If I find anything I can't live without, I'll be sure to make a post later tonight. My kids are at the dad's house, so I should have some free time to do something fun for me :)

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