Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life in the fast lane...

Things have been pretty busy this past week at the Tupperware party. I've torn my house apart to pull items together to make a donation to charity.

Saturday I tackled my laundry room, which was disgusting! Things just got piled and piled on top of each other. It was a non-stop day of laundry, cleaning and grime.

Sunday I slept in a bit then got up and mowed the lawn. The temperatures have dropped slightly here in Louisville, but it was still muggy and hot to me. I went in and told Greg that after I showered and cleaned up, he was taking me to lunch and thrifting. There was no arguing with me about that!

After lunch, we went to a Peddlar's Mall in the east end. I had a sneaky suspicion that prices would be higher than the south or west end, and I was slightly correct. Greg had never been to one and luckily they had a wheelchair he could use instead of hobbling on his crutches or waiting for me- because I take my sweet time while thrifting LOL.

Again, I have to remember to start taking my camera. I love, love, LOVE seeing antiques! I found a set of Kromex kitchen canisters, but wasn't in love with them because they had a fake woodgrain texture on them. I'm really looking for a set of them in the popular turquoise/aqua color.

I also saw a gorgeous Bakelite radio for $45. I would have gotten it if the funds were available. The only find I took home was a 1960 Singer buttonholer. I found it there $4 cheaper than in the south end- very surprised about that.

This weekend my ex-husband is supposed to swing by and pick up an entertainment center and end tables that we once shared. I got them in the divorce, but they are too big for my living and simply want them gone! I'm thinking something smaller for the TV and a pair of 2-tiered end tables in their places. I keep seeing a set at the American Council for the Blind thrift store, but can't commit until the other furniture is gone. Hopefully they'll still be there!

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