Friday, June 11, 2010

Must Have Shoe {06.11.10}

Yeah!!! My shoe fetish is back on track LOL. Continuing with my cherry theme, I found these lil' cuties at Baby Girl Boutique:

Penthouse Shoes PH423- Rose Red & White Patent Peep Toe Pumps w/ Shapely 4.5" Heel. Adorable new style with concealed platform, bow over the vamp, cutesy cherry print insole and cushioned footbed for comfort. They also feature the Penthouse Key charm dangling from the back of the heel.

Does anyone have big plans for the weekend? Mine unfortunately is jam-packed with activities that do NOT include sewing or thrifting :(

Tonight I have to work the concession stand at the ballpark (my son is in Little League), tomorrow he has baseball practice, and the rest of the weekend I'm working on putting together a donation for charity that's scheduled for pick up on Tuesday. My garage has been such a mess since I bought the house in 2007, and got further messy when I re-married and Greg moved in "officially" in 2008. With that said, these are my goals for the weekend:
  • Make a dent on the clutter in the garage. Right now my house looks like an episode of A&E's HOARDERS, and I'm not happy about it. But the key to a straight house lies in getting the garage organized so I can move the house clutter there.
  • Call the Peddler's Mall and see how much it costs for a small booth. There are things I want to sell and get rid of... eBay is NOT working out at the moment!!!
  • Get the donation together for charity. The biggest obstacle will be the kids NOT wanting to let go of ANY of their belongings... they're such pack rats LOL.
  • Get into a routine of taking my blood pressure medicine. I'm still in denial about my age and the associating health factors coming with it. But at least it's good to feel "mentally" young versus the age my body feels.
  • Call my friend Brian and schedule a date to sew, thrift or SOMETHING... I need my Brian fix (hopefully some day I'll be able to blog about him)


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