Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Could You Please Pass the Salt?

I always listen to the radio during my morning commute. My children like to listen to the "pop" stations before I drop them off. I have no problem with that since the songs are radio-edited for my parental taste, except sometimes the DJ's get a little salty in their topics of discussion. However this morning, I listened to a topic that I had an opinion on.

They were discussing people who curse at sporting events, and if they should edit themselves when children are present.

I am a firm believer in not cursing in front of children. I'm not perfect in this belief, because let's face it, sometimes they slip out during a heated conversation.

But I also think that when parents take their children to public events they should be prepared for their children to hear a bit o' the salt. Other people also paid their money for the public event and they're going to talk however they normally do.

I am a person who practices a "common courtesy" rule. Since I have children, I do not curse in public where children can hear. I'm an adult with children so I edit myself to be polite. Not everyone thinks the same way and responsible parents have to be prepared for any given situation.

This past August I went to see comedian Jeff Dunham, who came to Louisville during the state fair. I was shocked to see that some parents had brought their children. Jeff Dunham is a frequent user of the "salt", even letting several "F-Bombs" fly. Just because he uses puppets in his show does not mean he caters to children. Children are not his audience. I can only hope that these parents used their noggins and talked with their children either before or after the show.

I'm a parent who constantly talks with their kids about behavior. I constantly tell my 9 year old son "I know you hear people curse. I'm sure you think it's cool. I'm sure you and your friends have spoken some profanity. You just cannot say those words in front of me til your 18." It's a silly rule I know, but I like to think I'm also teaching him some responsibility.

I never cursed in front of my parents, except for 2 times when a word slipped. My Dad actually told me "Third time is the charm..." I didn't want to find out what would happen. It was out of respect, and I guess that's why I'm careful in public where there's children... Later when I WAS an adult he said the "F-word" in conversation to me and my mother and immediately apologized to me. In secret I thought it was cool that my dad was "himself" around me HAHA!

So should everyone use common courtesy when it comes to their language in public and children are in earshot? I would say no, and only because I know that's no where near possible. Parents should still be responsible for their own children and discuss profanity.

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