Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1970's Vintage Vanity Case

One of my favorite past times has been going to the monthly flea market here in Louisville. I mean it was a family affair! Back in the day I would pack up my son, meet my mom and aunt at my grandmother's house and 4 generations of us would hit the aisles trying to find treasures.

With the advent of Peddlars Malls and Trading Posts, which is like an on-going flea market, my hobby of "junking" (I mean I am going through piles of other's unwanted junk) has been taken to a whole other level.

My friend Brian also shares the same passion as me for finding retro and vintage items. On one of my last trips I stumbled upon a 1970's vanity case in the ever-so-famous shade of orange. I had found one in the avocado green, but the inside was horrible. I flipped the latch on the front to see how the inside was...

YES! There weren't any stains, spills or drips. And you know the price? $5.00!!! I was in heaven!

Now... do I really plan on traveling with this? No. I plan on using the case for computer CD storage. I thought it would be compact to store all the programs and applications so I can get rid of the computer desk (we've switched to a laptop instead of the big bulky tower).

Thanks so much for stopping by :)

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