Friday, October 15, 2010

Gone With the Wind

I had purchased a 1960's copy of "Gone With the Wind" on ebay several months ago but never got around to reading it. I figured since I was done with "Beloved" I would start this massive novel. I thought the book was slow in the beginning, but that's true with lots of books, movies, etc. especially when dealing with character introduction and development.

I found Scarlett to be so self-centered and selfish, but she used that in a resourceful way to carry on her life. I wish she would have worked out better with Rhett Butler and opened her heart sooner instead of pining away for Ashley, who truly was only physically attracted to her.

When I finished the novel in September 2010, I immediately went to Amazon and watched the movie on demand. I wanted to see how the movie, even in it's length, compared to the movie. While the technicolor dazzeled my eyes in all it's Southern splendor, I was dissapointed with how much of the novel was left out. So much that would have defined characters was not there.

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