Friday, October 1, 2010

Week Recap {10-01-10}

Here are some highlights of my week:

My daughter received a 4 (out of 4) on her behavior scale in Kindergarten, prompting a positive call home from the Assistant Principal. I would have never thought I'd have behavior issues with my 5 year old starting school. Well, who am I kidding... SHE'S MY CHILD. I should have seen it coming!

This is normally a night the kids are at their Dad's house, but he's out of town. My son and step-son spent the evening filling up water bottles and hitting them with a baseball bat expecting to be exploded with water. Hubby took daughter to the pet store and Halloween store. Daughter is uber excited to decorate for Halloween now LOL.

Baseball game @ 6:00pm. Rushed from work to pick the kids up from their after-school art class. Went back home (luckily I live near school) so they could change. Was not happy that our boys lost, but it is just a game. Then we rushed home to have dinner and get homework completed.

I starved myself during the day because I knew Greg was going to bring home Chinese food. I love me some shrimp lo mein. It was soooo good. And I hate to admit this, but I watched "The Jersey Shore". I do not watch much reality TV, but this is one show that I tune in to. They're all so idiotic! While watching I continued to work on an afghan I'm piecing together. Hopefully pictures will follow soon.

Well right now I'm writing this blog! I'm going to ask Greg if he wants to go and eat at my friend's restaurant THE BLIND PIG. I haven't been since they were still working on the opening and need to sample the food. The St. James Art Festival also started today. There will so may local and regional artists showing off their goodies. The even has gotten a bit big for my comfort level. I don't do well in large crowds of people so it's best that I stay home.

Hopefully the weekend will go well. My son has another ball game tomorrow morning. I'm sure my daughter will beg to have pizza for dinner and Sunday is breakfast out with the kids.

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