Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Remember...

And not only Veterans Day, but my darling little girl's birthday! I vividly remember having labor induced 6 years ago today because the little bugger didn't want to arrive on 11/08 like she was supposed to. Both my children were induced and I should have known then they'd be nothing but trouble.

I also remember the labor pains because they couldn't administer the epidural because of my scholiosis. I had a little bit of Demoral to make me loopy in the head but I vividly remember that pain...

And you know what? I actually bounced back better physically not having the epidural! I've always had a high threshold for pain, but that's not saying I want to get shot or stabbed to get that perspective of pain LOL.

She's been my little dream child. I had her sleeping through the night at 7 weeks with only minor problems here and there. Now that she's 6 and sassy, she's acting more like a teenager to me! She's got my fiery Scorpio temper which right now is not a good thing... she needs to learn how to control her sharp tongue and PRONTO. Somebody may get more birthday spankings than is called for :)

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