Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweater Desire

So I saw this super cute cardigan at Lane Bryant the other night. It looked so super easy and felt so soft. I thought "You could probably whip that up in no time!"

Any other sewers, knitters, crafters out there who have muttered those words? Are you like me and maybe you get around to making it? Have you ever not purchased something because you knew you could make it cheaper than retail?

If you answered yes, rest assured that you're not alone! Ever since I worked for Hancock Fabrics in my early 20's (we won't discuss my age NOW), I have always fallen victim to this retail experience- Oh I can make that cheaper than what they're charging...

But the sad thing is, I SELDOM MAKE THE ITEM. Either I don't have time or my brain has moved on to the next thing... Dangle anything glittery in my face and I am hypnotized HAHA.

So with the advent of my camera phone, I've begun taking quick pics of items that catch my interest for the possiblity of getting back to them. The above cardigan is case in point.

I loved it so I took a pic to remember it by. It was $69.50... I really don't have that kind of pocket change. But then again, if I invest in a really nice yarn it's about the same amount in the end.

My favorite place to look for yarn is Yarn Market, since my favorite place here locally went out of business. This cardigan looks like it's created with a bulky/chunky yarn. At Yarn Market you can specify the type of yarn you're looking for and it pools them all together.

So I entered "bulky" for my yarn weight and I received these lovelies to look at:

I'm a freak for the color green, so of course I'm immediately drawn to this ombre of greens and teals by Maggi Knits.

"Biggy Print" by Rowan looks so comfy and cozy!

"Musique" by Crystal Palace looks very similar to the Lane Bryant cardigan! It's also in my price range of $5.85/skein.

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