Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ball of Fire- Biography of Lucille Ball

I finished this book this past week and I must say, there were so many things I didn't know about this remarkable lady.

* She lost her father at a very young age. Her grandfather kind of stepped in as a "father figure" but that role turned out to be something that Lucy yearned for her entire life.

* In the beginning of her career she was a model, and there's an infamous "nude" shot of her still out there.

* She used humor to get herself noticed by directors and producers for parts in plays and movies. Groucho Marx himself didn't think she was funny, but Harpo adored her.

* When she met Desi Arnaz it was definitely love at first sight. He proposed marriage to her AFTER she gave an interview stating she didn't think the relationship was serious.

* When she and Desi proposed the idea for I Love Lucy they broke a lot of ground in filming and production with their company DESILU.

* Desi had a real head for business and successfully built up Desilu, but many people didn't take him seriously because of his accent.

* Even after Lucy and Desi split and entered their second marriages, they still had a bond that they carried til death.

For more insights on her life, check out this book or any of the others written about her life. From a woman's perspective, I enjoyed reading about her determination to succeed and become a success only to constantly fear losing it all.

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