Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mission Organization: Kitchen Drawers

I'm on a mission to take back my house... I'm just not here enough to stay on top of 2 kids and a messy husband (love you Greg!) I need to fit my hobbies in some time ;-)

I decided to tackle 4 kitchen drawers last night. They were ALL becoming junk drawers as far as I was concerned. Before I picked the kids up from daycare, I stopped into Deals and got some colorful plastic bins. I eyeballed them and guessed they'd fit in the drawers.

Aren't these so colorful?

Drawer No. 1- This is where I have my odds and ends kitchen gadgets.

Drawer No. 2- Truly a junk drawer. Screwdriver, pliers, paintbrushes and etc.

Drawer No. 3- Now we're getting junky. Those Valentine bags? Not even from this year LOL

Drawer No. 4- The land of lost medicines HAHA! I actually found something that expired in 2005...

Now for the new, ORGANIZED drawers *drum roll please*

Not much changed in this drawer. I did throw away a broken plastic spoon, and added a bin in the front for smaller items. Once I clean through my utensil drawers more will be in that bin.

In this drawer I combined the medicines that were floating between 2 drawers. I took packages out of boxes to save some space. I even have a bin up front for ALL the times my daughter *thinks* she needs a band-aid LOL.

This drawer has a bin for small photos, one for screws and batteries, then the space in back has miscellaneous quick tools and scissors.

Now... this drawer makes me happy. I now have a place IN my kitchen for towels! With all the straightening, grouping and tossing, I had a free drawer for my towels. Never again will I have to march upstairs to the linen closet for a towel. YIPPEE :-)

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