Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thrifting Thursday

I had such a *faboosh* time with my partners in crime (Brian & Deb) at a local Peddlars Mall. Just when we thought we weren't finding things, we did! There were several items I wanted to bring home with me, but I either didn't want to spend the money OR the items were over-priced LOL.

Here's what we didn't buy, but I had to take a picture:

I don't know what it was about this piece, but I almost got it. But alas, when I sat on it for a test it was a bit wobbly. I wasn't sure if I could fix it to be secure. I could just imagine it painted a glossy black with a zebra print on the seat!

This was an actual bedroom SET. You don't normally find all the pieces together :-)

There was a very weird booth there that sold ceramic pieces you could take home and paint OR have the lady there paint it... WHO ordered a cherub with purple hair?!?

And here is what I actually bought:

1970's (or 60's) wall sconces $5.00/set. Brian has these painted in black. I have a sneaky suspicion my will be green LOL

Same era plastic butterflies $1.69/each. What little girl didn't have these in the room??? This set is going in my daughters room, I just don't know HOW yet. I can't decide if I want to paint them glossy white, or do some kind of painted frame and set them like a picture...

Chrome and black salt, pepper, garlic and onion shakers $8.00. They're not mid-century, but they will still look good in my kitchen! I love that it has a rack- I can set it on the counter OR mount on the wall HAHA!

Wooden TV tray table $1.77. YES- $1.77 LOL. And this is wood- not laminate or veneer. My cats Lilly and April had to give it the *sniff* test. I think I'll just give this a good cleaning and leave it be.

So for a night out of thrifting fun, I spent just under $20. Such bliss :-)

Brian had a "Samantha Stevens" moment when he found this Pyrex coffee carafe for $9.00!

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