Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Box

So my son Trevor had to make a Valentine's box for Monday to collect all of his "mandatory" Valentines... I can only imagine the ones he's going to get from the little girls. One little girl in particular named Kate. They have a typical "love/hate" relationship. They're sweet on each other as children can be, but only show contempt for one another HAHA! BTW, he'd girl me if he knew I'm blabbing to who knows reading this :-)

We took this simple Kleenex hand towel box and decided to transform it into his Valentines box. I thought the shape of it was more interesting than a regular tissue box or shoe box. Luckliy Trevor agreed with me. Pay no attention to his face... he was eating something and we DID fight over him shutting his mouth while I took the picture. No "seafood" tonight boy :-)

I bought some simple supplies at Deals, which is a store similar to Dollar Tree. I bought some Valentine napkins and foam Valentine shapes with adhesive backs. While I was there I also scored their cards, some cute pencils and some rose petal shaped soaps for their teachers (Trevor's in 4th grade and Hannah is in Kindergarten). Teachers don't really expect extravagant presents do they???

I also got out some scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies that I already had on hand: some flowers, rhinestones, cardstock and sticky tape. I watered down some Elmers glue because of course, I couldn't find my Mod Podge. GRRRR. Trevor glued the napkins in place to cover the box and then decorated with the supplies. He thought I was the bees knees when I curled the ribbon with my scissors LOL! Here is what he finished with:

This mama is proud!

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