Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Caribbean Cruise {Part 1}

Whew. Am I tired. Don't you sometimes feel like you need a vacation to recoup FROM your vacation??? I'm really feeling the after affects now LOL.

I had such a busy day yesterday playing catch up at work, but now I have time to share some photos with you.

Greg and I took a 7-day Celebrity cruise on the Solstice and it was FABOOSH! We have never eaten, drank, lounged in our all lives! Thanks go out to Mom and Dad for the opportunity to have this wonderful trip.

Yep- the minute I board the ship I've got my nose in my Nook. I had plenty of books loaded to read (I wound up reading 7 books total). We had to wait for our stateroom to be ready anyway HAHA!

Very cute wine steward but an AWFUL picture.

Greg wandered around the ship (while I read) and took a shot of one of the pool areas.

Our stateroom.

Greg already wants in the mini bar LOL.

Our balcony (and lifeboat).

Leaving Ft. Lauderdale. Can you see how cloudy it is with rain? EVERY time I go to Florida here recently it decides to rain :-(

Our escort out into international waters. I would NOT want to be on their bad side...

We left Ft. Lauderdale on a Sunday and spent all day Monday at sea, making our way to San Juan, Puerto Rico. My next post will be of our sunset walking tour of Old San Juan. See ya later!

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