Thursday, March 17, 2011

Caribbean Cruise {Part 2}

After leaving Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday, we spent the entire next day at sea. Greg and I decided to take a tour of the kitchen to get the "behind the scenes" of all the yummy food made available to us. Unfortunately our tour guide had a heavy Jamaican accent and I had a hard time understanding him. Oddly enough LOTS of people asked ME where I was from- they loved my southern accent HAHA!

Carved fruit

The color of your neck scarf shows where you rank in the kitchen: Yellow was the basic kitchen worker who did the peeling, chopping, etc. while the black scarf was a head chef.

Every meal to be served to us exactly as posted in the picture- that's what the Master Chef wanted!

Fun with bread dough.

The grand dining room.

The wine rack! There was a motorized platform that could take a wine steward to any particular bottle of wine.

Last but not least- the casino. We lost lots of money here HAHA!

Thanks for stopping by today. Tomorrow I'm going to share pictures of my Old San Juan sunset walking tour :-)

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