Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Don't Recommend This...

I did one of the UNTHINKABLES! I would never, ever, ever, EVA tell anyone to cut up a quilt for another project. They're just too precious! I did however, do just that with a quilt that a grandmother (perhaps great-grandmother) had constructed, simply because it was falling apart and I had no other way to enjoy it.

I began with this heart pattern, and cut out shapes from the quilt. I used the portions that were good for the outside, and the portions that were shredding for the back (I simply put the "outside" on the "inside").

I pinned around the pillow, leaving a spot big enough to turn and stuff. I did use my walking foot for the sewing- it made it easier to sew threw the thickness and hand stitching.

Start to stuff!

Hand stitch the opening shut with a needle and thread.

The finished pillow. And guess what...

Hannah has already claimed it for her own! I've got to make another one (which I have 2 more cut out) if I want to use for decoration. She's such a stinker!

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  1. I think that is a wonderful idea...that way if you have more than one person who wanted Grandma's quilt they could all have a piece of it to remember her by.



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