Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And the rain keeps on coming...

The rain just keeps falling here in Louisville and other places. This past Saturday Greg and I went to a restaurant on River Road. While they were still open for business, we could see the water creeping up the bank. The water had already swallowed the boat docks and playsets that children enjoyed while at the restaurant.

It's been raining since then and the water keeps rising. Our governor has declared a state of emergency, not only because of the rising water, but because of the tornado activity in our area. We have been having many sleepless nights due to sirens alerting us that a tornado, or the potential for one, has been spotted and we need to take cover.

Which makes me wonder... Why is all the tornado activity happening during the night? I KNOW they form during the day too LOL.

So I decided to share some pictures of Louisville's "Great Flood of 1937". Lots of areas around us, not even near the Ohio river, are having flooding problems. My heart truly goes out to those without power and water invading their homes and possessions.


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  1. That's scary! It's been pretty bad off and on here in Charleston, SC too. I'm ready for it to be done and over with! (But I am not ready for the heat!)



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