Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Quintessential Bachelor Pad for the Modern Man {Part 1}

The man of today is decidedly dynamic, outgoing, smart, and confident. These qualities should be reflected in his personal surroundings. In order to achieve greatness both socially and financially, he will need to surround himself with a style of discerning tastes. To show you what will be expected of you, what follows is a basic blueprint. It will be in broken down into five parts. The Living room, the Kitchen, the Bath, the Master bedroom and of course the outdoor living area.

Over the next few articles we will discuss the different spaces in your habitat. We will begin with the Living room as this will be the room that sets the standard of excellence that is expected of you.

Part 1. The Living Room

This room will be the most dominant space. Here you will entertain your friends, co-workers, and clients.

Start with your color scheme here and build around those colors. One of the more popular color schemes that has emerged over the past few years is basically an “anything goes” rainbow of primary and jewel-toned colors of your accessories, all being grounded by either a beige or white background. Sleek and Modern is the way to go. Nothing fussy, everything for a purpose. Also, you should remember that as rulers of the world, you also control the elements. Therefore, the Modern man should use these in his design. Representing this should be done in woods, metals, stone and water features throughout the home.

Something like a nice neutral grass cloth for the walls works best.

Your furnishings are very important! You should look for sleek lines and streamlined designs from designers such as Herman Miller, Knoll, and the Dunbar Furniture Company.

Henry Miller chairs

Knoll couch

Occasional tables can either be just as streamlined or depending on your space, could be more substantial.

Lamps should be rich and vibrant colors as well as evoke a feeling of liquid and fluid lines. Such as:

Artwork is no longer the literal. Today’s man should be represented in his choices of pieces that reflect conviction, definite understanding of his strength, yet still be able to speak to everyone. Such as:

The Quintessential Bachelor should always remember that his lair is his palace and should remember to treat it as such. That being said… men, hire a maid :-)

No man should push a vacuum while mixing martinis for his guests!


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  1. I dig the blog!! DIG IT, DIG IT, DIG IT! The author is awesome and really knows how to convey his point(s), also, he's got impeccable taste in color and furniture and presentation. Wish my bachelor years would have been this classy and I wish this guy's blog woulda been around then for me to consult with!



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