Saturday, April 16, 2011

DIY Liquid Soap from Creative Cain Cabin

I hadn't seen this one, so I had to share it!

We're already on the "making your own laundry detergent" bandwagon at the Stein house. The kids love stirring the mixture with me. My co-worker even made a reference to a "witch" and "caldron" in regards to me... Was she trying to say something?? HAHA

Anyway... I found a new blog to follow: Creative Cain Cabin, which was found via Dittle Dattle. BOTH are great sites, so check them out when you have time and show some love.

So this is her DIY Liquid Soap:

I love that she has it in an old jar, and fashioned a pump to the original lid. I recently bought a TON (not kidding- Greg thinks I'm crazy) of blue Mason jars with the lids. Some are quite large too. I may have to copy her idea in that regard.

So here's the ingredients:
  • 3 bars of Ivory soap

  • 12 cups of water

  • 24 cups of water (reserved)

  • Big pot, grater, whisk or mixer

  • 2 Gallon storage container

Hop on over to her post to see the rest: Click here


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