Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You Found Me How?

How many bloggers out there look at their stats?

I look at mine, primarily to see WHAT others are looking at...

But have you ever looked under your "Traffic Sources" to see what keywords are being used to FIND your blog?

Some of mine are pretty obvious:
"cocktail party giveaways"
"the life of the cocktail party store"

Others I can see are based on some blog posts:
"craft blogs for pillow"
"digi image - love birds & fence"
"vinyl decals entry doors"
"vodka infused candy"
Really I posted about infusing vodka with hard candies LOL

But these I have no idea how my blog popped up, and I'm sure these people were surprised too!
"office furniture blogger"
I don't think I've ever typed ONE word about office furniture...

I quilt a little, but not THAT much

"how to advertise a sponsor at a party"
Almost sounds like something AA related... possibly connected with the vodka infused candy search???

What types of keywords are showing up under YOUR stats?


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