Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Derby Time!!!

Having grown up in Louisville, even close to Churchill Downs, I'm actually someone who gets as far away from that excitement as possible.

Yes it's good for our local businesses with the influx of tourists and party-people.

Yes it's neat to see celebrities converge on this little river city for a 2-minute horse race.

But if you LIVED within 2 miles of the racetrack, you either loved it or hated it. Me, I grew to hate it. I've probably got touches of Enochlophobia (fear of crowds) and/or Ochlophobia (fear of crowds or mobs). This is one reason I've NEVER gone down to the waterfront to see Thunder Over Louisville- I PANIC!

But I will admit that as I drove through the South End of Louisville on work-related business, I started reminicing about my time growing up. All the little neighborhood taverns had their race advertising up and spruced up the patios. To me it looked VERY clean too (not that it's a slum, but you could tell that street cleaners had been through).

What am I doing on Derby Day? Not a damn thing besides laundry and some craft projects. I'm revamping an old step-stool/chair combo and so far it's pretty darn cool. My son has got baseball scrimmage at 3, so I'll head to the fields to see him (he's at his Dad's house this weekend).

And Mother's Day? Since my kids are with their Dad I'm seriously thinking about taking the entire day to myself! NO KIDS! I know most mothers would want to be with their kids, and normally I'm like that. But this year the days are out of sync so I'm going to chill. Except for going to the cemetery to put flowers on my parents grave- I've got to go see HER for Mother's Day :-)


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