Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick and Easy Cat Bed

We're having a little bit of a problem at the Stein house:

My son bought a new Beyblade arena with his birthday money, and our cat April thinks it's a bed. I'm just glad she didn't think it was a litter box HAHA!

I've seen on a couple of blogs where ladies have taken an old suitcase and turned it into a cat bed. That was my mission for this past weekend.

After a little Mother's day celebration, Greg took me to the Peddlars Mall on Shelbyville Road to look around. This one has such great vintage and retro pieces, but their prices are crazy. It's like people are NOW catching on to vintage being hip and they're charging outrageous prices. I was lucky to find this suitcase at the decent price of $9.00:

I wasn't crazy about the color (I don't have lots of this shade of blue in my house, but the inside was very clean:

So as the post title says, this is quick and easy. Grab these extra two items: a pillowcase (in my case a vintage green striped on from the 70's) and an old pillow. I keep my old pillows because you just never know when you'll need stuffing.

Put the pillowcase on the pillow and tuck the open end under the pillow. Squeeze into the suitcase and fluff it up. Here's the end result:

Now I just gotta get the cat to use it LOL :-)

Update: I got a picture of our baby cat Lily using the bed!

Here's another one where Greg caught Lily using the bed. I have it sitting in our living room and the sun filters in through a window onto the bed:


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  1. I'm glad she likes it. It looks great. I've seen these before but they were taken apart, painted, put on legs..... I didn't want to do that much work! This is a much simpler solution. Thanks for sharing.



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