Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Strait-Jacket (1964)

I still do not understand how the Derby party steered towards finding a movie on Fearnet to watch... but it did.

We were at Brian's house this past Saturday for Kentucky Derby 137. As our buzzes subsided, because we started early with the cocktails, a group of us chilled in the living room trying to find a movie to watch. This is what we settled on:

We honestly giggled at so many parts of this movie. But you can also see how suspenseful it would have been back in the day too.

At first I couldn't get past the immaculate curls in their hair or the clothes. I LOVED the clothes! This is a synopsis of the movie:

The movie opens with shocking betrayal. Lucy Harbin (Joan Crawford) returns from a journey only to find her husband (Lee Majors) in bed with another woman. She spins into a murderous rampage. With an axe, she evens the score by lopping of the heads of her adulterous husband and his mistress with a big, shiny axe. Her revenge is the fuel for local legend, but the price is twenty years in a mental intuition.

When Crawford is released from custody (fully recovered) the story begins.

The prison bus drops Crawford off at the home of her sweet and innocent daughter, who is very popular and happens to be dating the richest boy in town. She also watched as her mother brutally murdered two people, including her father, but in spite of life's little setbacks, Diane Harbin is perfectly fine.

With such a humdrum cast of characters, it seems strange when headless corpses start showing up all over town. Who could the murderer be?

And of course, SOMEONE at the party had to make a "Mommie Dearest" reference by yelling out "Christina! Brick me the ax!" My friends I'm telling ya!


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  1. O good grief. Now I might have to rent it.

  2. Yes you should! At least I didn't add the spoiler to it HAHA!



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