Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vintage Sheet Shower Curtain

I've been working on updating my upstairs bathroom. I'd recently grown tired of the "buttery" yellow color that was on the walls:


I loved the color 4 years ago, but now my tastes are changing. I'm falling in love with softer colors that brighten a room, along with displaying some of my funky, retro and vintage treasures.

I've updated the wall color in a shade from Lowe's called "Blue Mist". I am LOVIN' it. Now, the texture on my walls is something to talk about.

When I purchased my house in 2007, it was only owned by one family, who bought it NEW in 1978. Apparently the wife, in all her decorating "expertise" decided to hang a lot of UGLY wallpaper on unfinished drywall.

So when I came in and started removing the wallpaper, I was having multiple issues. I started to use a technique with tissue paper and paint that looks like elephant skin. You apply paint to the walls and then scrunch up and flatten out tissue paper on top of it. Then apply paint again. The effects are truly awesome in the rooms I've done this in.

So going along with the yellow color, this was my original shower curtain:


It's a silk-finish fabric with some sheer embroidery work. I think it may fit in with some of my accessories downstairs, so it may be turned into some pillows (we must recycle and re-use!)

I have been collecting vintage and retro sheets for some time, so I went to my stash and found a Sears and Roebuck "Made in America" permacal sheet. It measured 80"x104" originally. I didn't want to cut the sheet (really to save time).

I wanted the top of the sheet to be the bottom since it had the flower border. I measured the length of the first shower curtain and folded the bottom of the sheet to create a flounce. then I just stitched down the top.

I divided 80" by 12 (the amount of shower hooks I had) to mark my placement for button holes (which I SUCK at making). After all the holes were made, I hung the sheet using my original almond-colored liner (because it won't be seen anyway).





Isn't this border sweet? I think I've got a matching pillowcase... I could have a new window curtain in the future too!

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