Saturday, August 20, 2011

Airing My Dirty Laundry

Actually, my dirty and disorganized laundry room.

Some parts of my house get so messy and unorganized. Unfortunately whenever I ask my husband to help me do something, he half-asses it. I love him, but he half-asses his chores.

In the past when I've him to put something in the laundry and garage, he has just thrown it in there. So this is the state the room is in now {don't judge LOL}:


What you're seeing here is my laundry room. My china cabinet wouldn't fit in my dining room (for lack of wall space in the open floor plan). It has sat in from of the window since 2007. On the opposite wall is the water heater, furnace and an old cabinet I kept for storage. The dresser is going to be finished and used for a TV stand.


This is the entry door wall that had the washer and dryer hookups. I really can't move either of these, but want to put shelves over them.

My over all idea is to mmove the china cabinet to the wall next to the furnace, protect it and use to store blankets and lighter-weight items. Then on the window wall I will move the small cabinet and install wire shelving for storage.

Hopefully I can wrap this project up by the weekend so we can hit the Kentucky State Fair!

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