Thursday, August 18, 2011

Canned Peach Preserves

Since the first 2 days of JCPS school were cancelled, my kiddos were getting a bit antsy cooped up in the house. I was "delighted" when my daughter was taken to Huber's Farm by a neighbor for a few hours one afternoon. I gave Hannah $10 and told her to be a good girl for her friend's Mom and Dad.

When she returned she had a box of peaches, a few apples and some grapes. Hubers is a family owned farm in Starlight, IN that grows fruits and vegetables for picking, alongside a restaurant and winery. If you ask my opinion, their strawberry wine is DEVINE!


So I looked at the box of peaches, and immediately thought of making some peach preserves because there was no way, no how our family was going to consume them all before they spoiled. I also hadn't canned any fruits yet, so it was an experiment too!

I blanched the peaches to remove the skins, sliced and put them in a pot with about 1-2 cups of water. I cooked them on a high heat, but not enough to make them foam and boil over.


When they softened enough I let my son mash them with a potato masher. I got mine from Williams-Sonoma and just LOVE it for mashing. I've also used it to mash apples for my home-made applesauce.


So he mashed and mashed while I measured 1 cup of sugar and 4 tablespoons of pectin. I poured that in and let him stir some more {I love it when he wants to help me LOL}. Also during this I had my jars, lids and bands warming in the canner to get them sterilized.


And here they are all filled up! I marked the lids with their contents and date. One jar will go to my neighbor and one will go to the baby-daddy LOL.

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