Sunday, April 22, 2012

Charcoal Gray Linen Clutch

Clutches like this are big enough to carry your everyday items, and quick enough to sew in a cinch! I created a very simple pattern (hopefully for sale soon) to whip up these clutches out of a variety of materials. This clutch was made from a Brussels Washer Linen I purchased from It's a 55/45 Linen/Rayon blend, and when combined with interfacing and batting, makes a sturdy clutch that will be used again and again.


I used a Silhouette flourish design to make a stencil for painting. Remember, if you use a fabric medium, you can use ANY of the bottles of acrylic paint on your items. Without the medium the paint will eventually rub off your fabric :-(




Currently for sale in my Etsy shop: Item No. 97940579 $ 18.00

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  1. So cute!! Yellow and grey are one of my all time favorite combos.



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