Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Impeccable" Afghan

A couple of weekends ago I was in Michaels, browsing through the yarn. It seems like every other time I look at yarn there's a new style and brand. I found a section of yarn called "Impeccable" in some colors I just adored. I figured "What the heck, it's on sale, let's crochet another afghan."

now, the problem with that line of thinking... I don't finish a lot of my yarn projects unless it's something short and sweet. Do you ever find yourself starting projects and then moving on to the next new thing you want to make BEFORE you finish the previous project?

Well I sure do. I don't know if that could be labeled ADHD, but I know that my hands cannot keep up with my brain and creativity. I vowed this time I would finish the afghan!

So diligently I crocheted the hexagons into patterns and sewed them together. I got so excited when I was adding the border I didn't know what to do with myself. Here's a big project I was going to finish! Yee-haw!!!

I must say I did like working with this yarn. It was a decent worsted weight and pretty consistent throughout the strand. I may use it again for another project.

I purchased the mini-book "Home & Hearth" for the pattern (which is featured on the cover). I always change things up anyway, but for $3.95 I was okay with it.

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