Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some Halloween/Fall Decorating

I've been in my house since 2007. There are still rooms that reflect the previous owner's tastes and not mine. For some crazy reason I haven't gotten all "gung-ho" about getting on a decorating schedule. In my previous house, and let's be honest my previous marriage, I always had the decorations out in a timely fashion and really got into the different holidays. Maybe when situations change so do you.

Well this Halloween I've gotten more into decorating. Eventually I'd like to have every room reflect the seasons and holidays. This year my kids and I decorated more outside with lights, buried skeletons and carved pumpkins (which my should STILL hurts from being the chief carver and pumpkin scooper-outer LOL).

Here's some small examples of things we've done around the house:

My darlings posing next to the pumpkins. I did the intricate spider web and the kiddos did the spooky face.

The top of the entertainment center. I picked up the vase at a local trading post for $8. I stitched the Halloween picture on my embroidery machine and popped it into a frame. A small Longaberger basket filled with fall leaves and a vanilla candle completes the corner.

I found some decent sized glitter spiders at Walmart- 8 for $2! My daughter and I placed them on the chandelier sconces (I need to replace some lightbulbs), a mirror, a lampshade and on the front door by the doorknob.

My Halloween village I purchased at Michaels a few years ago. It couldn't have been very expensive because honestly, I wouldn't have bought it unless it were cheap LOL. Whoa- I've got a crooked picture...

I hope everyone else's decorating is going great!

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