Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sustainably Chic Designs

When I stumbled upon this blog, I was virtually lost for an hour. The more I delved into her creativity the more I wanted to copy some of the things she is doing. Her post on Halloween Potion and Speciman Jars is what got me.

Image from her blog entry

I mean honestly, this is so cute displayed on an entry table (which I happen to have). She was also kind enough to list where she downloaded the labels for her jars. There's a blog out there called "Love's Manor". This guy has some mad Photoshop skills. He uploaded all these images to his Flicker account for us normal folk to have fun with.

So of course NOW I want to find and re-use glass jars and fill them up for display. I've been trying to build up decorations for the holidays and anything that can be green is great!

Do yourselves a favor and check out this amazing blog.

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