Sunday, February 20, 2011

Aqua Towel Holder

Here's another revamped kitchen item. I think I've officially settled on this color scheme for my kitchen: red walls (finish painting), white cabinets (that would have to be painted), and then black, red and AQUA accessories. After I painted this tray, I fell in lurve with the color and want to incorporate that into the kitchen. Eventually I'll re-finish the countertops and lay a black and white checkered tile floor.

Anyway, back to the towel holder. I took a before shot:

This is just your basic Target/Walmart variety, and I gave it a good cleaning with a Mr. Clean eraser before priming. Here it is primed:

And here it is finished:

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  1. Spring for the granite in the kitchen. You can usually get a good deal through Home Depot or Lowes. The kitchen countertops is not a good place to cut the budget.



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