Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to Create: The Perfect Pomp!

The time is gonna come fellas when you're going to want to impress. I'm going to show you now how to get that perfect pompadour that will get you the attention you deserve!!!

To get started, you want to start with a fresh head of hair. :-) This is just my towel-dried hair with no product in it. YET.

The tools you're going to need are as follows:
1. Hair gel (pretty much anything you want will work)
2. A comb
3. A rounded/curling brush
4. Pomade. I prefer Murray's Pomade. It's fairly cheap ($1.99 at most places and lasts for MONTHS) There are other Pomades out there, but this is the original and works VERY WELL. It's been around since at LEAST the 1930s. It comes in a metal tin because when it was first marketed, it was designed to sit on the stove and the metal container would heat and keep the pomade in pretty much a liquid form. This of course today probably won't work. DON'T TRY TO HEAT THIS IN THE MICROWAVE!
5. Hairspray. I buy New Image Instant Freeze because it WILL lock those stray hairs in place and hold forever. Plus, it gives your hair that wet, shiny appearance that you're going to want.
6. A spray bottle of water. I didn't get it in the shot...BUT I HAVE IT!!!

Apply the gel to your hair as you normally would.

With your roller brush, you're going to start at your cheek and pull up and over. Kind of like a combover motion. Pulling it all the way over until it's dry. You're going to do this for both sides until your hair is dry.

When you're done drying your hair, you're gonna end up with something that should look like this. Silly and fluffy I know. But it's what you want. Along with styling your hair into place, you've also been pumping volume into your hair which you're going to want later for the finished product.

Next, Time for the Pomade!!!!!

Use the blow dryer to heat and melt the pomade. Lesley was making me laugh because the metal can was getting hot. HAHA! So yeah, be careful. You shouldn't get any blistering burns that will cause you to any damage, but DANG it can get warm!!! I usually keep doing this for oh...maybe about 30 seconds.

Next, with your fingers, scoop out the now melted pomade off the surface. I usually try to melt down enough of the stuff to give me about a good hefty quarter sized amount. Now just rub it from the base to the tip of your hair. KEEP RUBBING. Your cool hair will start to make the pomade set back up and if you don't rub it in good enough, you'll have globs of the stuff stuck to your hair and that's not good.

Rockabilly? Or Punk?'s both. HAHAHA!

Next step: Spritz your head all over with your water. I actually have recycled ( GO GREEN!) an old Febreeze bottle.

Take your curler brush and just start smoothing it all out. Use the same technique here that you were doing when you were drying your hair. Up and over. Up and over. Back and forth. Back and forth. Until you get the sides laying down and the pomade worked through.

Next, take that comb! You're going to use this for the front. Just comb the front/bangs straight up and with your free hand, do a little bit of a smash to them until you get it as tall or low as you want it. I tend to go a little higher. It really does depend on my mood and where I'm going.

Once you've got it exactly how you want it styled, (like I do here) GRAB THAT HAIRSPRAY! Coat liberally and completely! I say that because like I told you earlier, it's going to give you a really high gloss and if you've missed half your hair, it's going to be dull in spots and shiny in others and look bad.

And there you have it! The perfect pomp for your goin' out times. Oh and one more thing.....Get dressed BEFORE you do this. Pulling a shirt over all that will A. ruin your style and B. Get that stuff all over your shirt. Don't forget, it's not set completely just yet.

Now I wouldn't advise you to just keep adding Murray's to your hair every day. I'm tellin' ya from experience, this stuff will stay in your hair for a week. It's not going to just wash out with one shampooing. There are a number of things you can try though. Baking Soda and Vinegar will cut through it pretty good. Also Dawn dish soap will work pretty good too. You're still going to have some residual pomade in your hair for a while, but it will get rid of a lot of it as compared to just trying to wash your hair like normal. The plus side is, though, you'll just need to re-wet it and comb right back through it the next day without much trouble if you want to do it again! Enjoy guys!


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