Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pillowsham Handbag

So previously I had taken a clearance pillowsham (purchased at Marshalls) and made some cute pincushions. On the same trip I had gotten another quilted pillowsham, and this one was white with a floral motif and had a decorative edge.

I decided to use Kwik Sew # 3684 (the smaller size) and fashion a little handbag out of the sham:

What do you think?

I cut the main pattern pieces out, and then decided to incorporate the decorative edge into the band.

Now I will admit... it was a BEAR to stitch through all those quilted layers! I probably won't ever do that again. I broke a needle and it took for-eva!

And since I can't find my buttonhole foot (WAH!) I improvised with a piece of elastic cord on the tab closure to loop around the button. TA-DAH!

I've got this lil' cutie listed for sale in the LOTCP Etsy shop. Hopefully somebody will snatch her up and give her a good home :-)

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